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Women's University Fiction, 1880–1945 has been called 'a very welcome addition' by Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies.


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Download our latest catalogue for information on new and forthcoming titles on the history of medicine.

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history of medicine

We've teamed up with ebrary/EBL to launch 200 of our multi-volume Major Works in electronic form. A full list of available titles can be found here.

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Making of the Modern Police

Anna Seward was one of the most popular and prolific poets of the early Romantic period. This is the first critical edition of her poems and includes more than 200 poems excluded from the 1810 edition of her works, edited by Sir Walter Scott.

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Anna Seward

Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale – by Sydney Owenson has just been reviewed on the Review 19 website.

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Pickering & Chatto publishes for the international academic community within the humanities and social sciences. Our editions are highly acclaimed and widely reviewed and we provide a first-rate publishing experience to the academics who work with us.

Latest reviews

'provides a series of intriguing insights into how nature was studied and interpreted in early modern Europe.'
Thinking Like A Mountain on Knowing Nature in Early Modern Europe. Read the full review here.

'provides a fantastic window into the lives and worries of nineteenth-century people ... A solid study, this book will surely appeal to those interested into the complex lives and treatments of the insane during the nineteenth century.'
From the Hands of Quacks on Institutionalizing the Insane in Nineteenth-Century England. Read the full review here.

'for an overview of ecological thought and space-orientated science and technology, Höhler’s book provides a well-researched series of compelling examples.'
Thinking Like A Mountain on Spaceship Earth in the Environmental Age, 1960–1990. Read the full review here.

'impressively bridges conventional periodization and categorization to reveal a body of fiction that wrestles with the dominating discourses of liberal education and intellectual maturity found in men’s university fiction ... a very welcome addition.'
Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies on Women's University Fiction, 1880–1945. Read the full review here.

'The British Arboretum is more than another history of green spaces. The authors reach beyond the boundaries of the arboretum, engaging with key themes in British cultural and scientific history in an informative and accessible manner.'
Thinking Like A Mountain on The British Arboretum. Read the full review here.

'a solid investigation of an overlooked phenomenon. Graphs and illustrations lend substance to the various discussions. Students of Modernism will be grateful.'
Times Higher Education on Modernism, Middlebrow and the Literary Canon. Read the full review here.

'this edition is admirably thorough ...Thanks to McAuley and Pickering & Chatto, Owenson's talents are still available to us.'
Review 19 on Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale. Read the full review here.

'Extensively researched and based on a wide array of secondary sources, the book is organized topically rather than chronologically and is a valuable resource for specialists in immigration and Anglo-Jewish history ... Recommended.'
CHOICE on Jewish Immigrants in London, 1880–1939. Read the full review here.

'offers fresh access to Hall's Sketches ... will be of particular value to future students of Mrs Hall's work.'
Review 19 on Sketches of Irish Character. Read the full review here.

'sheds new light on fin-de-siècle Asia by uncovering the complex and revolutionary socio-intellectual currents of the age. As such, Schulz-Forberg and his contributors are on the cutting-edge of transnational history.'
LSE Review of Books on A Global Conceptual History of Asia, 1860–1940. Read the full review here.

'A monumental work of editorial labour [the series] offers an invaluable insight into the complicated gender politics of print culture in the late eighteenth century, and contributes to general conversations about the relationship between gender, genre and the literary marketplace.'
The BARS Review on Romantic Women Writers Reviewed. Read the full review here.

'This collection of essays provide new insights for those less familiar with the early courts and offer new interpretations of depositions, often dismissed as a legal construct, and in doing so their respective authors uncover female voices from the archives.'
Rhiannon Markless, C18th Girl on Women, Agency and the Law, 1300–1700. Read the full review here.

'Greenfield is to be congratulated for the ambitious scope of the volume and for drawing together scholars of a variety of different fields.'
The BARS Review on Interpreting Sexual Violence, 1660–1800. Read the full review here.


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